Application for the church planting residency.

The Family Church Network residency program is a cohort model that allows each group to begin each year in August. Deadline for application is June 1. Applicants must demonstrate calling, character and competency for ministry with a passion for church planting and revitalization. Applicants will be screened, assessed and interviewed by our Church Planting team.

Frequently asked questions about the church planting residency.

Seminary credit? Yes! Our church planter residency has a partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary that allows our residents to earn graduate credit for participation in our program.  The Residency includes supervised ministry, weekend seminars, seminary classes, a mentoring relationship, church planting conferences and assessments, and a year-end assessment and evaluation. Contact us for more details.

Dates of program? Our residency begins each year in August and it is a two-year program.

How many are accepted each year? We generally accept 12-15 people in our Year One program.

Financial support? Residents are responsible for their own employment and health insurance. We will seek to help church planters moving to South Florida find employment based upon their skill set and previous work experience.

Primary goal of the program? The main goal of our program is to equip and train pastors and other leaders who plant churches for the glory of God. Our program is designed for called and qualified leaders to complete our training prior to full-time church planting work. Our residency training allows us to affirm ministry calling and identify giftedness as they unite with us in biblical community. We believe that church planting is the most effective means for evangelism, discipleship and advancement of God’s Kingdom.

What will graduates of the residency leave with?

  • Identify pre-launch team
  • Identification and demographic research of plant city
  • Trained launch team
  • Robust church planting theology
  • Partnership with proven church planting network
  • Continued shepherding of the church planter pastor

If you are interested or if you have any questions feel free to email Mark Warnock at