This weekend at Family Church we’re going to be talking about believer’s baptism by immersion. For most people, baptism is a very personal, relational, emotional event. If you grew up in a religious household, your family likely holds to certain time-honored traditions. If you or your children or grandchildren were baptized as young children, that special occasion is connected with your parents, grandparents, pastor, priest, etc. At Family Church, we practice believer’s baptism by immersion, but we know that many attendees are “on the fence” about whether believer’s baptism is for them.

There are some common objections raised when it comes to baptism:

• It’s not necessary for salvation.

• It’s too embarrassing.

• I was baptized as a baby.

• I was sprinkled and that’s good enough.

While it’s true that baptism isn’t necessary for salvation, it is an important step of obedience to Jesus. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commands His disciples to go make disciples and baptize them. Jesus emphasizes baptism as an important part of becoming one of His disciples. It’s how people publicly enrolled in the school of Jesus—then and now.

Even if you were christened as a baby or a young child, we believe it’s important for you to consider what the Bible actually teaches about baptism. It has to mean something to you. Ultimately, baptism is a call to obey the teaching and example of Jesus.

Jesus made a big deal out of baptism…so at Family Church, we do too. Come by or tune in this Sunday to learn more!