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CFTROU 0026: The Call, Cost and Benefits of Bivo, Part 1

Today I’m joined by Pastor Jimmy Muir, one of our bivocational campus pastors serving at Family Church. Jimmy actually grew up at our church, was called to ministry here, trained here, and now serves as a campus pastor while also working as the Marketing Director for United Franchise Group. He unpacks for us what motivates him to pursue his calling in spite of the many challenges. We hear how he juggles being a businessman, a husband, a father, and a pastor all at once and the lessons he has learned along the way. If you are interested in becoming a bivocational pastor or are seeking advice for your own church community, then this is the episode for you.

Key Points:

  • The call to ministry and decision to start as a bivocational pastor.
  • How Jimmy built a successful franchise business with his father.
  • Why Jimmy decided to commit and become a bivocational pastor.
  • Juggling being a husband, father, businessman and pastor.
  • The importance of saying “no” as a small church.
  • Discover the benefits of being bivocational.
  • Hear Jimmy’s advice for becoming a bivocational pastor.

One of the main benefits of bivocational is that you are almost forced to become a good leader. Click To TweetGod has given me certain gifts. I feel like they’re not for my benefit, they are for the benefit of the church. Click To TweetGet a great team of people around you… Your leaders are everything and you cannot isolate yourself. Click To Tweet

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