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CFTROU 0004: Transitioning Your Traditional Church Part 2 – Killing the Sacred Cows

Today we dive into Part 2 of Transitioning Your Traditional Church, which addresses killing our sacred cows. In Part I, we discussed starting where you are by confronting the brutal facts and assessing reality. Every single church has sacred cows, or in our case, sacred camels, Our Family Church Lead Pastor, Christian Ramos, joins us on the podcast today to discuss the importance of identifying and dealing with sacred cows. In particular a truly impactful and spectacular Christmas production as well as others. We also discuss potentially more challenging topics – we call them secret cows.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about what we mean when we talk about “killing the sacred camels.”
  • Find out why we made the call to stop doing the Singing Christmas Tree – a large and impactful Christmas production.
  • Christian shares the story about how an incident with a real live camel canceled the show for good.
  • Understand why sacred cows can be significant barriers holding your church back from the future God has for you.
  • Learn more about building a multicultural platform in order to transition your traditional church.

The things we created yesterday can be sacred cows tomorrow. Click To TweetIt's not just sacred cows, sometimes we have secret cows. Click To TweetOur church decided that we were going to look like our community. Click To Tweet

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