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CFTROU 0061: Multisite Approaches & Perspectives

Today we’re joined by Micah Fries, Senior Pastor of Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Micah is an excellent preacher and leader with a unique ability to think clearly about the issues that drive his decision-making. In this episode he talks to us about their multisite approach to church and how they manage to run multiple services in different locations every Sunday. He discusses the value of accommodating different languages, ethnicities and generations and how centralizing their operations allows them to achieve this. We find out why they choose to retain the Brainerd name for all their campuses. Micah also tells us about his latest book, Islam and North America: Loving our Muslim Neighbor, and his involvement in EST.Church Podcast.

Key Points:

  • How venues and campuses can accommodate different people.
  • Importance of opening our facilities to the community.
  • Why there’s a place for different worship styles.
  • The importance of live preaching.
  • How multisite sermons are streamlined.
  • Considerations for those who are thinking about going multisite.
  • The accessibility of going multisite.

@brainardbaptist has been on the street corner for ninety years and that means something to me. I want to be on the street corner for another ninety years. Click To TweetOur conviction is to do live preaching every possible opportunity we can. We only do video when we don’t have another option. Video isn’t bad; we just think live preaching is best. Click To TweetYou have to know what you are trying to accomplish with multisite church. Click To Tweet

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