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CFTROU 0067: Leading When You’re Not in Charge

Join us as, Clay Scroggins, the lead pastor of North Point Community Church, shares principles and practical experiences based on his book How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge. He talks candidly about what it is like to work with a person who has as much influence as Andy Stanley and shares how people can approach their own development when they are in the process of establishing themselves in an organization. Clay advises listeners to stay true to their own ambitions, but also to prioritize the concerns of the person for whom they work. He says it is important to pursue the leader’s agenda because all job descriptions should include serving whatever is on your boss’s heart. Today’s episode is full of leadership tips for people at all levels of any organization who are looking to maximize their potential.

Key Points:

  • Having Andy Stanley as a leader and the challenge of preaching after him.
  • How people in more junior positions can develop their gifts under strong leadership.
  • The importance of focusing on making your area an oasis of excellence.
  • Where your personal ambition should fit into the ambition of the organization.
  • The importance of being truly invested in and committed to what you do.
  • Learning to serve your boss and actively pursuing that which is on his/her agenda.
  • Treating everyone like a volunteer.
  • Knowing what motivates each of your team members and then incentivize them.

High caliber leaders have high expectations. Click To TweetSomething about our culture makes us what to be led by people who lead by influence rather than authority. Even Jesus invited people to follow Him. Click To TweetThe best way to learn to lead is to learn how to lead when you’re not in charge. It will allow you to know how to lead when you are in charge. Click To TweetFind out what motivates your people and then learn how to incentivize them. Click To Tweet

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