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CFTROU 0070: Ministry Leaders Are Readers

Growing up, we were drilled about the importance of reading but our busy schedules and hectic lives make it difficult. In this episode we talk to Trevin Wax, Director for Bibles and Reference at LifeWay Christian Resources, about the importance of ministry leaders being readers. He talks about how reading is especially important for pastors who disseminate knowledge and minister to people on a regular basis. Ministry leaders need to grow spiritually and intellectually so they can always be ready with a timely word. People can’t live off what they’ve learned in seminary years ago. Trevin encourages us to expand our knowledge so that we can remain culturally relevant and effective in ministry, and he gives us tips on how to get started.

Key Points:

  • Why pastors need to be culturally aware in order to serve more effectively.
  • The need for ministry leaders to get regular intellectual input and stimulate their creativity.
  • How reading is a means of loving God with our minds.
  • Practical advice for people to incorporate reading into their everyday lives.
  • Suggestions for the type of material you should be reading and where to find good leads.
  • Trevin’s suggestions for books that you can read in the context of a team.
  • The top three books that every pastor should read.
  • Simple steps to get into reading and learn to love the experience.

The intellectual life of a pastor ought to connect with a real missionary zeal and passion. Click To TweetEverybody should be developing the life of the mind. Click To TweetThe best books start to rise to the surface and you start to see them reviewed in different places and you hear people talking about them. Click To Tweet

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