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CFTROU 0082: The Business on Church Business: Cash Flow is King

Cash flow within the context requires careful consideration. When relying on the generosity and contributions of members, it may be difficult to make projections. When times are lean, cash flow can be inconsistent. In this episode, our Family Church Business Administrator and CFO, Scott Crawford joins the conversation as we define cash flow and cash flow management. Scott explains the important of having financial goals and not losing sight of key priorities. We also talk about operating expenditure, estimated weekly income, the involvement of the senior pastor, and the biggest obstacles to healthy cash flow.

Key Points:

  • The three main things that positive cash flow will enable a church to do.
  • How a positive cash flow can impact your ability to obtain third-party financing.
  • Measuring the priority of each new idea against the mission of the church.
  • How to actually manage the cash and why you should start with revenue.
  • Looking at expenses, forecasting future expenditure, and checking liquidity requirements.
  • Determining the amount of money you should have in the bank each week.
  • Coaching tips for how involved a senior pastor should be when it comes to finances.
  • How unforeseen economic conditions can be a challenge when managing cash flow.

For the church, we can think of cash flow as the amount of unrestricted cash available to us once all of our obligations have been accounted for. Click To TweetCash flow is scalable. Every church has to manage their cash flow the same way – it’s scalable in every context. Click To Tweet

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