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Episode 0102: Leading Through COVID-19: Loving Our Neighbors

Pastor Aaron Filippone and Pastor Larry Mayer join us on the podcast. Both are highly engaged in the Family Church Network and our local community. Aaron leads the network’s Love Our Neighbors team. They have first-hand experience on how we continue loving our people in this time of social distancing. As we settle in to how we do church in this season, we have restructured our organization around our core values: teach the Bible, love our neighbors, and build families. In this episode, we talk about the organic and organized strategies we are implementing to stay connected with our church family and reach those who need help. Right now, there is a unique opportunity to build relationships with people that may have been hard to reach before since the coronavirus affects all of us. It has given us common ground and presents us with opportunities to do small acts of kindness that have a big impact.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What Pastor Aaron and our Love Our Neighbors team are focused on with regards to caring for our church family.
  • The importance of a personal phone call from your pastor.
  • The importance of being flexible, adaptable, and agile.
  • Using this opportunity to build bridges between yourself and those you would not have access to otherwise.
  • Learn more about the organic versus the organized approach to loving our neighbors.
  • Making the most of the moment by using unique initiatives to make a positive impact on the community.

Communication is key in all of this. We can’t underestimate the power of the pastor’s voice over the phone. Click To TweetRight now, serving small is the new serving big. Click To Tweet

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