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CFTROU 0142: Be a Motivator

In this episode, Pastor Aaron Filippone of Family Church Gardens and Pastor Robby Christmas of Family Church in The Farms join Pastor Jimmy Scroggins and Leslee Bennett. We cover another one of our leadership principles: be a motivator. You will learn how to inspire your team to do greater things by consistently casting vision, relying on the power of God to advance your mission, and clearly communicating the why, as well as having fun together, celebrating the small wins, and so much more! There are a myriad of different ways that you can apply these Family Church Leadership Principles as you lead your church or organization.

Key Points:

  • The biblical foundations that Proverbs 29:18 and John 14:12 provide us with.
  • The difference between casting vision and giving instructions.
  • How to strive for goals that transcend the predictable results of talent and effort.
  • Committing to fervent prayer and relying on the power of God to advance your mission.
  • The importance of leaning into the Holy Spirit and prayer.
  • The importance of clarity: clearly communicate the why!
  • Why working hard and playing hard is a key part of being a motivator.
  • How having fun and laughing together is an opportunity for deepening relationships.
  • The value of celebrating God’s stories as well as team accomplishments.
  • The importance of celebrating the small wins when creating momentum.

Part of our role as spiritual leaders in organizations is to make people feel what your motivators made you guys feel, but we need to make them feel it for Christ and for the mission that we’re on in our churches and in our… Click To TweetIf you are not motivated from the gut, you probably are going to give up. People want to understand the why, and we have to show them the why and help them connect those dots as leaders. Click To Tweet

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