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Today the Supreme Court of the United States released a landmark ruling on marriage.  Over time that decision will likely have a huge impact on religious life in America. But at Family Church we intend to keep on doing exactly what we have always done – we are committed to building our families (whatever they look like) and teaching the Bible. We are also committed to loving our neighbors and inviting them to know Jesus regardless of their race, cultural background, religious upbringing, gender, educational credentials, income level, family structure, or sexual orientation.

This weekend, right before the Bible study (on heaven), all of our teaching pastors will share the following statement:

On Friday the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that redefined what marriage is in terms of American civil law. This legal decision will have far-reaching cultural consequences. At Family Church our core values are to teach the Bible, build families, and love our neighbors. Now, more than ever before, we need to be people who walk this out in love and humility.

We believe that God’s design for gender, sexuality, and family structure is clearly articulated in the Bible – around here we teach “One man, one woman, for life.” Our belief in the Biblical prescriptions for marriage and sexuality may marginalize us, but this doesn’t have to anger or frighten us. Instead we want to be people that truly love ALL our neighbors by living out God’s design in humble, consistent faithfulness. We also want to be people who boldly and confidently articulate the gospel and its implications for all aspects of life.

The Supreme Court cannot redefine the longing of every human heart, which is to know the God who created us. It can’t put Jesus back in the grave or change the forgiveness, redemption, and restoration that He offers. So let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and on our mission to invite ALL people to know Him.

Today as we consider the reality of heaven—we’re reminded that we aren’t home yet. One day we’ll live in a perfect place. For right now – we may get to be on the “wrong side of history” – and that’s okay. We know that only God can make everything right and He’s actually promised to do just that.

We are thankful to live in an exciting city, in a growing state, in the freest and greatest nation in the history of the world.  We are going to love Jesus and live out the gospel as long as we have breath. Soli Deo Gloria.

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