TMV: Episode 5 – Babies and Toddlers – Part 1 with Sydney Mee

Today’s show covers a topic we’ve been wanting to talk about for ages – babies and toddlers, and we could think of no-one better to do a deep dive with us than Sydney Mee, a nurse practitioner at Mahoney Pediatrics. Not only do we think this the best pediatrics practice in South Florida, but Dr. Jonell Mahoney has helped every single one of our kids! In this episode with Sydney, we cover a range of baby-related topics that most moms we know have asked about. We delve into getting your family ready for a newborn, and Sydney, Jismarie, Kristin, and Kirra share all their tips on how they’ve gotten their loved one’s baby-ready.

Of course, preparation is key, and this includes planning how you will manage sleep as well. Although there are a variety of approaches, you have to pick what works best for you. The same goes for breastfeeding, which is another topic we explore. While breast is best, it does also depend on so many factors that may not be in your control, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s not possible. Along with this, we also discuss getting your husbands to lighten the load, introducing solid foods, and the tough topic of vaccinations. Sydney highlights the importance of listening to professionals who have dedicated their lives to learning about how to keep your children safe. To hear more, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points:

  • Winners from our previous episodes on time management and self-care.
  • Get to know our guest, Sydney, a nurse practitioner at Mahoney Pediatrics.
  • Sydney’s duties as a nurse practitioner and her love of pediatrics.
  • The importance of getting other children prepared for the birth of their sibling.
  • Ways everyone has gotten their families ready for newborns including backpacks and baby moons.
  • Plan ahead with sleeping arrangements, if possible.
  • Advice for new moms who are struggling to nurse and options if you cannot.
  • As parents, it is your job to teach your children how to sleep.
  • Some statistics around how much sleep babies and toddlers need.
  • Do what works best for your family, so move your children to a separate room to sleep if necessary.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome statistics and ensuring your baby sleeps safely.
  • Introducing solid to your baby: Timing and recommended types of food to start with.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your pediatrician about anything you’re unsure of.
  • The dangers of social media and falling into the comparison trap.
  • The problem with eliminating food groups if there’s no medical reason to do it.
  • Some of the ways to get husbands involved with childrearing.
  • Kirra’s experience of having every Thursday night off mom duties.
  • An overview of shots, what to do, what not to do, and talking to your pediatrician about this.
  • Being a mom comes with making tough decisions for your kids.
  • Common misconceptions that Sydney sees around shots.
  • Immunization is about protecting each other, not just yourself.

The best example you can give your kids, moms, is your relationship with dad. Click To Tweet If husbands offer to do it, it’s probably something they don’t mind doing. You might hate it, so don’t project that on them. If they offer, let them help. Click To Tweet

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