TMV: Episode 21 – Discipline – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our series on discipline. We have decided to extend this series into four parts and, in today’s episode, we share some deep topics that you can apply when you discipline your little ones. Discipline starts when they are little and changes as they continue to grow and explore the world for themselves. When they become teenagers, discipline changes appropriately and continues to evolve to meet their needs in each phase of childhood. Tuning in, you will hear about when and how we discipline our children and how discipline can take on different forms, but the key is consistency! We also talk about being marriage-centered and how you and your husband need to be on the same page, the importance of repenting to your child if you wrong them in some way, and game-time versus play-time. Stay tuned for all this and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear how discipline can be applied in different ways, but you need to be consistent.
  • Why you should start disciplining through education before they can logically understand.
  • The importance of being on the same page as your spouse; being marriage-centered.
  • Being restorative quickly when the discipline is over you have to love on your children.
  • “But” versus “because” and why you need to be attuned to what you say and when.
  • First-time obedience and how it’s a life-long journey.
  • At what age you can start applying the practical steps of discipline: when they start crawling.
  • How important it is for you, as a parent, to show them how to repent.
  • Kristin shares how to handle the situation if you wrong a child in front of their siblings.
  • Learn some practical rules for disciplining your little ones: honor authority, tell the truth, think of others, and be thankful and grateful.
  • Practice time and game time: what you allow at home that causes a problem in public.
  • The three rules of discipline: be consistent, be consistent, and be consistent! 

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