TMV: Episode 56 – Raising Boys – Part 1

It’s time for something a little different on the Mom Village Podcast! Today, Dads are taking over! With us today, we have Christian Ramos, Eric Kelly, and Jimmy Scroggins. We’re talking today about raising boys, in their different phases of life, as moms and dads. The conversation kicks off with the story of a father figure in each of our guest’s lives, leading into a discussion about just how crucial it is to have a village when you’re raising happy children. Listeners will hear from Eric about how vital the role of a father is, before Jimmy, Christian, and Eric weigh in on their personal approach to raising both boys and girls. Next, we dive into the challenge of connecting with our boys as they grow older, and we share some of the critical tools that have helped us to make sure they know we are there for them. We touch on the ebb and flow of our roles as mothers and fathers, always reminding our kids that we are on their side, and teaching boys to work hard, and take risks, so that they can contribute and learn. Join us to hear all this and more today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to the Dads joining us today: Christian Ramos, Eric Kelly, and Jimmy Scroggins.
  • A great father figure or leader in each speaker’s life: Jimmy’s present father, Eric’s fraternity brothers and Jimmy Scroggins, and Christian’s gentle and loving dad.
  • How crucial a village is to raising happy children.
  • Eric’s thoughts on how vital the role of a father is with God the Father as his guide.
  • Jimmy’s intent to raise men who can provide and protect, and his hope that one day his girls will be married to a godly man.
  • Christian’s approach of being way softer on his girls than his boys.
  • Eric’s unapologetic intent to raise his boys to be men, never apologizing for God’s design.
  • Maintaining connection with boys as they are growing older: prioritizing meals, creating experiences together, and communicating love and security.
  • Why it’s so important to intentionally remind your boys that you are on their side.
  • The opportunity for connection you have when you drive with your kids.
  • Christian’s advice to moms who notice their boys pulling away from them.
  • How Christian’s mother put all her boys to service at the church.
  • Eric’s mother’s words that she had done all she could, and it was time to find men.
  • Jimmy’s advice to Kristin when her boys started to pull away: pretend not to notice!
  • Why there is a time when mom needs to sit down, and dad needs to stand up.
  • Being an example of the things you want your kid to do and be.
  • Teaching boys to work hard and to take risks, within reason.

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