TMV Episode 59 – Mom Guilt – Part 2

Being a mom requires sacrifice, as we learned in part one, however, we must implement strategies into our daily life to maintain focus on our Christ-centred mission and keep Mom Guilt away. In this episode, we continue with our discussion about Mom Guilt and are joined again by our amazing guest, Dr. Sarah Rainer. If you haven’t checked out part one, go back and listen to the previous episode where we covered topics including the definition of Mom Guilt some good things about Mom Guilt, and nine negative connotations about Mom Guilt. As you tune in today, you’ll learn about pro-active and retro-active strategies to avoid Mom Guilt, the importance of being gospel-focused and not guilt-focused, conviction and repentance, and so much more good stuff! Join in now and don’t miss out

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We recap on Sarah’s definition of Mom Guilt.•Sarah shares a personal story about her experience with Mom Guilt.
  • Is there a Dad Guilt?
  • 6 Pro-active strategies to avoid Mom Guilt.
  • 2 Retro-active strategies to avoid Mom Guilt.
  • Why being a good repenter helps squash Mom Guilt.
  • How conviction is different from ongoing guilt/shame.
  • The importance of community and sharing the gospel with our children.
  • What research tells us about moms or parents experiencing guilt, across cultures.
  • Practical advice you can do today to avoid guilt.
  • Sarah tells listeners about their podcasts

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