TMV Episode 60 – Generations – Part 1

Today on The Mom Village, we are joined by the incredible wife, mother, and grandmother, Bev Bonner to discuss generations. Bev got married very young and in the absence of role models, she and her husband had to teach themselves everything from raising a family in faith to saving money for retirement. In this episode, Bev discusses the importance of teaching your children to welcome God into their lives, why you need to face all challenges with your partner, and why if you don’t believe in your children, no one will. Bev also talks us through the most difficult time in her motherhood journey and how she and her family overcame it. Bev reminds us why spending time withour children is more important than anything else and shares her regrets about not doing it more often. Lastly, Bev shares how she has maintained a relationship with her children into adulthood and how those relationships have blossomed. To hear all this and more, tune in now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Bev Bonner
  • Introducing today’s guest, Bev Bonner.
  • The importance of raising your children with faith.
  • What Bev’s early years of marriage were like as a very young woman.
  • How Bev and her family saved money when they didn’t have much.
  • The struggles Bev faced as a stay-at-home mom and a wife.
  • Bev shares how she overcame the most challenging season in her parenting journey.
  • The importance of walking through struggles with your partner.
  • Why you need to believe in your children.
  • What Bev would change about her parenting if she could.
  • What Bev has done to foster her relationships with her children into adulthood

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