TMV Episode 63 – Marriage Conversations – Part 2

Is dating your spouse really important? This is part two of our marriage conversations with our husbands and newlyweds, Christian and Victoria Rodriguez! We discuss Christian and Victoria’s early marriage goals, how the Lord works in their marriage, why communication is key, and the importance of presenting your spouse as your partner in everything to your family. We also talk about some of our best dates over the years, tell you how to make them incredible, and share why we think you should date throughout marriage. Next, we delve into setting boundaries with extended family before discussing how our husbands lead us in our marriages. Finally, we look at how to balance ministries with our partners to become the ultimate team. You don’t want to miss this one!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Don’t forget to listen to part one of Marriage Conversations!
  • What Victoria and Christian’s goals/plans are for their first five years of marriage.
  • The importance of learning how to communicate with your spouse.
  • How Christian and Victoria feel the Lord is working in their marriage.
  • We share our favorite date nights over the years and some tips to make them amazing.
  • How to establish healthy boundaries with your parents and in-laws when starting a family.
  • Why you need to speak about your spouse highly to your family.
  • We share what it looks like for men to lead their spouse.
  • How we balance our ministry with that of our husbands’: make it ‘our ministry.’

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