TMV Episode 68 – Discipleship at Home – Part 1

Following Christ’s teachings and designing yourself in his image is of the utmost importance. Joining us today on The Mom Village is the wonderful mom of (almost) six and pastor’s wife, Megan Simpson, to talk about discipleship at home. We talk about how Megan uses her marriage to assist in teaching her children to be disciples, how she puts Jesus first and includes scripture in her busy life, and so much more. We delve into the different seasons of motherhood before Megan shares how she and her husband use the support of their church community to make parenting easier. Finally, our guest shares how the different stages of motherhood and the birth of all of her children have helped her grow both spiritually and emotionally. Thank you for listening, and stay tuned for part two!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Megan Simpson, and our topic of discussion.
  • An overview of our guest and her family.
  • How Megan’s marriage aids the discipleship she wants to teach her children.
  • The scripture that Megan clings to as she goes through her parenting journey.
  • How Megan keeps Christ at the center of her
  • The most difficult season of motherhood and how she finds time for Jesus.
  • How Megan and her husband lean on their church family for parenting support.
  • How the power of a church community has affected Megan’s family.
  • How Megan has grown spiritually and emotionally through the birth of all of her children.

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