TMV: Episode 22 – Full Circle Parenting

Today we are joined by Kristin’s husband and Family Church pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, to discuss the new book that they have written together: Full Circle Parenting: A Guide for Crucial Conversations. As the parents of eight children, they share some of the wisdom they have picked up over the years through mentors, books, and their own experiences. Though many people write books that claim to provide a formula for good parenting, Jimmy and Kristin believe that there is no formula. Instead, they suggest that good parenting is about having millions of gospel-centered conversations. They offer their book as a road map to help parents navigate their way through these conversations. They discuss how the theology of sin and redemption applies to parenting, and how your job is to ‘stay in the game’ and constantly point your kids back to God. We also discuss the idea of ‘complexity’ and how if your child is struggling with sin, that doesn’t negate the presence of God in their lives. Tune in for all this and more!

Key Points:

  • A definition of ‘Full-Circle Parenting’ and how it relates to the three circles of gospel, marriage, and family.
  • What qualifies Kristin and Jimmy to write a book on parenting.
  • The book is an alternative to other books that offer formulas as there is no formula.
  • An introduction to the concept that good parenting is about millions of conversations.
  • The book is a road map to navigate through these conversations.
  • What Kristin and Jimmy learned about themselves through the writing process.
  • Kristin’s favorite chapter: Friendship and Mean Kids.
  • Jimmy’s favorite chapter: Bitterness and Forgiveness.
  • The most difficult chapter to write: Managing Technology.
  • How the theology of sin and redemption applies to parenting.
  • How the Scroggins kids responded to the book.
  • How watching their kids raise their grandchildren is a great indicator of their parenting skills.
  • How the book writing process affected their marriage.
  • The idea of ‘complexity’: How your child’s struggle with sin does not negate the presence of God in their life.
  • Parenting is a lifelong pursuit and the importance of ‘staying in the game’.

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