TMV: Episode 51 – Seasons of Motherhood – Part 2 

Welcome back to part two of the Seasons of Motherhood episode with the Mom Village! Todays episode focuses on the later seasons of motherhood, and the challenges and pain of releasing your children into the world. Kristin opens the discussion with a recap of what was learned in the last episode, and how motherhood constantly reminds her that she needs Jesus. Kirra describes the major milestones shes been faced with recently, and the mourning she feels for the way things used to be. Hear all about the joy and sadness motherhood brings, and how you can walk in both at the same time. We learn about what God wants from mothers, and how to accept that your children are always in His hands, while Jismarie reads her favorite verse that helps her get through the challenges. We find out why being an intentional mother helped Kristin teach her kids the right lessons and the benefits of being part of a family church. We wrap up the discussion with the unexpected joys of the unknown, and some proverbs to keep in mind.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kristins recap of part one of Seasons of Motherhood, and how motherhood constantly reminds her that she needs Jesus.  
  • Responding to the major milestones and how naïve Kirra feels she was about how she would handle them.  
  • How time flies in each of the seasons of motherhood.  
  • The truth of walking in sadness and joy at the same time, and how to handle it.  
  • Why you should never feel bad about mourning your children flying the nest.  
  • What Kristin wants as a mom, and what God wants of mothers.  
  • The comfort that Jismarie takes from Philippians 3:12-15. 
  • The challenge that Kirra is facing at the moment: saying goodbye to what was.  
  • What is challenging Jismarie right now, and how shes preparing herself.  
  • Some advice from Kristin on how to be intentional as a mother.  
  • The key things the moms want to teach their kids: faith and how to love.  
  • How important the church family is in moving through the seasons of motherhood.  
  • What mothers can do to walk with other mothers through the ups and downs.  
  • How to have joy in letting go: looking forward to the unknown.  
  • Letting go of the season of having kids, and some encouragement from the moms.  
  • Acknowledging that your children are truly in Gods hands, and not your own.  
  • The joy of your children coming back even once youve released them.  
  • Final comments on the seasons of motherhood, and the proverbs to keep in mind. 

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