TMV: Episode 4 – Time Management and Self-Care – Part 2

In an age of selfies and shameless self-promotion, the idea of self-care may seem self-serving. In this episode, we unpack what self-care means and show you how it’s not about amplifying your needs but about nurturing your soul. We also continue our conversation about time-management, with a special focus on our husbands. We open by talking about why your calendar should reflect the importance of your relationship and how you can set meetings to schedule in dates, or even time to be intimate together. Another time management tip, we explore how multi-tasking and sharing tasks can lead to quality time together. Each of the hosts then open up about their self-care routines. For Jismarie, this involves waking up early, listening to Christian worship music, and reading scripture. You’ll hear how Psalms 143 nourishes Kirra and why spending time with God helps Kirstin maintain a wonderful perspective on her life. As we discuss, self-care is as much about taking the time to be with Christ as it is about doing the things that put that pep in your step. And the beautiful thing about spending time with God? It helps you reaffirm what’s important in life, which feeds into your prioritizing and time management. Near the end of the episode, we talk about the fabulous giveaways that we’ll be sending to subscribers. Tune in to hear more about how time management and self-care can lock together to add more grace to your life.

Key Points:

  • Introducing this episode’s special focus on your relationship with your husband.
  • Having planning meetings and scheduling dates when you can.
  • Being intentional about making the time to spend together.
  • Multi-tasking, finding activities to do together, and waiting for the right moment to discuss things.
  • Not staying silent and seeking counsel if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.
  • Jismarie shares her morning self-care routine to start the day with positivity.
  • Hear what Kirra does to stay grounded and her love of Psalms 143.
  • How spending daily time with the Lord can leave you on a firm footing.
  • Why selfishness is at the root of all sin and why self-care isn’t selfish — it’s soul-care.
  • The three circles; fixing our lives by spending time with God.
  • Gaining a new, more grace-filled perspective of your life and family through God.
  • Memorizing a verse that resonates with you and becoming still in God’s presence.
  • How doing the Lord’s work and helping others is the same as self-care.

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