TMV: Episode 3 – Time Management and Self-Care Pt. 1

We’ve all seen those unfrazzled moms who seem to glide through their week with joy and grace. Their secret? Effective time management and self-care. In today’s episode, we share our time management tips that will help you keep control and get the right things done. After announcing our giveaway winners, we talk about how you can simplify your routine and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about not keeping up with your old lifestyle. A key part of this is sourcing out what you can, even if that means getting your kids to add support where they can. We then look at the art of list-making and using lists to prioritize tasks.

Another important theme, we discuss being intentional with your time. With teens, this can mean spending time doing what they want to do, or it could mean turning an errand into special ‘just you and me time’ with one of your children. On the subject of self-care, we highlight the impact of nap or quiet time, even if your little one doesn’t like sleeping. Because when your kid doesn’t have quiet time, then you don’t have quiet time. We also touch on how you can create an environment where the whole family wants to spend time together, multi-tasking, and how you can spend time with your parents by integrating them into your day-to-day tasks. Time management is a game-changer. Tune in to hear more about how you can achieve that unfrazzled mom state.

Key Points:

  • We announce our Mom Village giveaway winners.
  • Simplifying your routines; life changes and you don’t need to keep the same pace.
  • Keeping a list, updating your priorities, and knowing what you can outsource.
  • Why it’s okay that you don’t always get everything done.
  • Using ‘chore charts’ and teaching your kids to help with chores.
  • What you can do to be a joyous, non-frazzled mom.
  • Turning an errand into a special day with some of your older kids.
  • Being adaptable with your time in order to spend time with your teens.
  • Finding that activity that you can share with your kid that will help them open up.
  • The power of nap or rest time in giving you a chance to breathe.
  • Multi-tasking and setting ‘quality-time’ goals to spend time with your older kids.
  • Being intentional and positive in your relationship with your teens.
  • Fostering an environment where your kids want to spend time together.
  • Shaping your child’s character without breaking their spirit.
  • Tips in spending time with your parents when you have kids and a partner.

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