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CFTROU 0035: Connections: First Connection Follow-up

This is the final episode in our four-part series on “Connections.” Once again, we have Bev Bonner and Kim Wells with us to conclude this series and talk about following up with people who attend our First Connections class. We want to track guests and new attendees, so they are not lost at sea after visiting our church. We have identified some steps and we want to help people take them. There are systems and processes that we can use to do this. We use a tracker that can be adapted to a church of any size. We’ll also talk about having realistic expectations about how much we can do and how long we pursue people. There is no perfect
system, but our goal is to be good shepherds and stewards of the people God is entrusting to us for however long He chooses.

Key Points:

  • Using a tracker to separate and pool guests according to their needs and status.
  • Aiding pastors with a tracking system to better serve new people.
  • How to draw on the tracker’s resources to create new groups with fresh faces.
  • Getting people involved as a service to them above everything else.
  • Going beyond first steps and getting people engaged in the mission and ministry of the

Sometimes people are so new that they don’t even know what their next step should be. We need to help them understand. Click To TweetThe tracker is a safety net, so we can go back and call, email, and text people. We don’t want to let them slip through the cracks. Click To TweetWe are not recruiting people for what they can do for us, we’re recruiting them for their own spiritual development. Click To TweetYou can plug holes all day long in ministry, but we have to think about the position we are in as shepherds, leaders and stewards. We recognize that God has brought these people to us and we are responsible for their spiritual journey. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

First Connection PowerPoint – English

First Connection PowerPoint – Spanish

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