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Welcome to The Mom Village! Our intention is to host a podcast to encourage moms in all seasons of life. From homeschooling to hobbies and everything in between, we would love for you to join the conversation as we welcome you to our village! Let’s journey through motherhood together as we build a Godly foundation. We truly are better together.

Time Management and Self-Care – Part 2

2020-09-09T04:33:03-04:00September 9, 2020|

TMV: Episode 4 – Time Management and Self-Care – Part 2

In an age of selfies and shameless self-promotion, the idea of self-care may seem self-serving. In this episode, we unpack what self-care means and show you how it’s not about […]

Time Management and Self-Care – Part 1

2020-09-02T17:20:44-04:00September 2, 2020|

TMV: Episode 3 – Time Management and Self-Care Pt. 1

We’ve all seen those unfrazzled moms who seem to glide through their week with joy and grace. Their secret? Effective time management and self-care. In today’s episode, we share our time […]

Homeschooling: Continuing the Conversation

2020-08-19T05:59:46-04:00August 19, 2020|

TMV: Episode 2 – Continuing the Conversation about Homeschool

The challenges that face moms entering into the realm of homeschooling can seem daunting and at times, prohibitive. In part 2 of our discussion on the subject, we unpack some of the […]

Welcome To The Mom Village

2020-08-19T05:52:07-04:00August 10, 2020|

TMV: Episode 1– Welcome to The Mom Village

Hello everybody and welcome to our brand new podcast, The Mom Village! We are three, culturally diverse mothers bringing you an exciting new show in conjunction with Family Church. For our first episode, […]