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The Mom Village

The Mom Village is a Christ-centered podcast led by three multicultural moms. We tackle tough topics, worldview challenges, and difficult questions from a biblical perspective. We collaborate with talented, professional, and seasoned women. We seek to educate, uplift, and encourage you through the triumphs and tribulations of motherhood. Welcome to our Village!

My Veteran Story

2021-11-09T20:32:21-04:00November 10, 2021|

TMV: Episode 43 – My Veteran Story

Today we talk to Kim Wells, a former munitions inspector, traveler, Family Church member, and single woman, about her journey to Christ and how she applies her military experience to God’s mission. Throughout […]

Mom On A Mission

2021-11-02T18:08:01-04:00November 3, 2021|

TMV: Episode 35 – Raising Healthy Kids – Part 2

Being a missionary is not for everyone, or so people think. Today we hear from Kristin’s friend, and missionary mother Christy Allen about how being a mother is being a […]

Overwhelmed Mom – Part 2

2021-10-19T18:17:02-04:00October 6, 2021|

TMV: Episode 37 – Overwhelmed Mom – Part 2

Today, we’re welcoming back the wonderful Sarah Rainer for Part 2 of the Overwhelmed Mom series. Most people cannot anticipate what the experience of having children is going to entail, and […]

Overwhelmed Mom – Part 1

2021-10-19T18:17:49-04:00September 29, 2021|

TMV: Episode 36 – Overwhelmed Mom – Part 1

Stress is an inevitable part of this life. As we learn from the Bible, we are not alone in our experiences of stress, and we will only be free from it […]

Raising Healthy Kids – Part 1

2021-09-21T16:10:31-04:00September 15, 2021|

TMV: Episode 34 – Raising Healthy Kids – Part 1

This week we are delighted to welcome back Sydney Mee, a family nurse practitioner with Mahoney Pediatrics, which incidentally has treated all of our children! In this episode, Sydney answers […]

Single Mom – Part 2

2021-07-27T22:41:43-04:00July 28, 2021|

TMV: Episode 33 – Single Mom – Part 2

Today we continue our conversation on what it looks like to be a single mom. Natasha Stewart, a single mom, returns to share her powerful story. She then proceeds to share […]

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