Residency Preview
Residency Preview Mobile

Periodically we host Residency Preview Nights for interested people to explore whether the Residency program is the right development pathway for them.

The two-hour format involves hearing a program overview, enjoying some refreshments, and sitting in on an hour of residency class, to experience it as the students do! You’ll get to meet current students and other people who are exploring the residency, you’ll get a thorough overview of the program, and there will be time for your questions to be answered.

Spouses are welcome to attend, but we are unable to provide childcare.

If you’re coming in from out of the area to check out the residency, be sure to indicate that when you register so we can host you well while you’re here.

Follow the registration link below to see the current schedule and registration opportunities for Preview Night.

Hour 1: Introductions, The Purpose of the Residency, Program Overview

Refreshment Break

Hour 2: Residency class