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Episode 00B2: Bonus Episode: Hershael & Tanya York

On a special bonus episode, we get to have a conversation with Dr. Hershael York, Dean of Theology, at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church. We also welcome his wife, Tanya, who leads alongside him. Dr. York specializes in preaching, pastoral ministry, and teaching. Tanya is her husband’s frontline support and also his most trusted confidant. He shares what an integral part of his life she is and how she helped him build his ministry. The two share the endearing story of how they met and fell in loveTanya also tells us about adjusting to a new role as a new pastor’s wifeDr. York shares his delight in discipling his wife back in the day and watching his sons thrive in their own ministries as adults. For Hershael and Tanya, the answer to a happy marriage, family, and ministry lies in seeking joy in the Lord and always allowing love to guide you.

Key Points:

  • Dr. York’s perspective on building a happy and healthy family life and ministry.
  • Tanya’s ministry journey and being immersed in the unfamiliar world of the church.
  • How the Lord used Tanya’s experiences of feeling judged to draw her to Him.
  • Dr. York explains how privileged he felt to disciple his wife.
  • Dr. York’s ministry journey, from janitor to youth pastor to being offered the position of Senior Pastor in Arkansas.
  • Tanya’s toughest seasons in ministry and the one that brought her the most joy.
  • Learning to love the “unlovable” and the quirkiness of people in their brokenness.

I love how you maintain a happy, healthy marriage and ministry. Click To TweetI look at my wife and my church and feel so blessed. Click To TweetMy greatest accomplishment in life is that I discipled Tanya York. Click To Tweet

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