Eric Kelly is a Family Church Teaching Pastor

Today, Family Church, we speak with one voice. As we cry out to our God, we are confident that He hears us:

God in heaven, our prayer is for solidarity and racial reconciliation, first within our own church and then for our church to stand with those who live on the margins of our society because of the color of their skin. Let us stand with that man or woman, that dad and mom, that family who does not have the opportunity to experience the inherent and inalienable rights that You bestowed upon each of us – simply because of the color of their skin.

Father, You created each of us in Your image. Fearfully and wonderfully, we have been made by Your hands. So, we ask that You open our eyes to see Your image in each person. Remove from our hearts the root of bitterness and hatred that feeds racism and human prejudice. Jesus, You reminded us that whatever we do for the marginalized and the oppressed brother or sister, we also do “that” for You.

Our prayer is to live with empathy, not just to feel pity for the one who is oppressed because of racism. Help us to pray, stand for justice, and work to remove the unjust social barriers that affect so many Americans and many who are our own Christian brothers and sisters of African descent. Father, there is a unique pain being felt in the hearts of African Americans and in our African American communities today. We ask You to grant healing and comfort, not only to those of us who are African American, but also bring healing and comfort to those who care deeply about human dignity for all.

We know that every life is precious in Your sight and we mourn the deaths of the brave officers who lost their lives in Dallas while they served. We pray that You will comfort the family and friends of those whose lives were cut short. Please shield and protect our uniformed officers.

Today, we pray for solidarity, empathy, courage, healing, and comfort for our church and those affected by these tragedies; we also pray for protection of our law enforcement officers. And we pray for this great United States of America. In Jesus name, Amen.