CFTROU 0008: Five Free Strategies for Church Growth That Will Cost You Your Life.

//CFTROU 0008: Five Free Strategies for Church Growth That Will Cost You Your Life.
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CFTROU 0008: Five Free Strategies for Church Growth That Will Cost You Your Life.

We find these five strategies in the book of Acts: devotion to prayer, abundant seed sowing, making disciples that make disciples, planting churches, and identifying and training new leaders. These 5 free strategies don’t cost any money, but may cost you your life. Learn how you can implement them in your church today.

Key Points:

  • Imitate what the disciples were doing in the book of Acts.
  • Find out where these strategies come from in the book of Acts.
  • Learn more about the cycle of disciples training disciples and leaders training leaders.
  • Remember that it was common, ordinary men who launched the gospel movement.
  • Understand how these strategies and principles are biblical and universal.
  • Discover the practicality of implementing these strategies in the local church.
  • Embrace a tool to train people to share the gospel that facilitates rapid obedience.
  • Learn alternatives to the “launch large” church planting strategy.
  • Experiment with the resources and people that you have to plant new churches.
  • Take advantage of economies of scale by partnering with a larger church.
  • Look for leaders in our churches, train them, and release them be bivocational church planters.
  • Establish internships and residency programs to train new leaders.
  • The key is to have more gospel conversations and more gospel congregations.

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One Comment

  1. MARIA ROSA BERNAL January 2, 2018 at 12:48 am - Reply

    I believe that some times bivocational leaders are more productive, just because it is the heart and passion what drive them in ministry. However it is a huge burden, that, if any man is doing it so, he will require a strong family structure in which he can rest, and church members to whom they can delegate. I appreciate the vision our Church had embraced to prepare these JESUS loving men to be the leaders our churches need.
    About the discipleship program, I am waiting to see what can be done. According to 2 Timothy 2:2 we can say that a disciple is ready when he/she in return is making disciples. Heb 6, lists of what every believer must know can not be taught in simple 7 steps. It takes time and dedication. We do not have anything, and I am not complaining, there is too much in your hands. You asked what are we doing. Well, I took the list of the fundamental doctrines like salvation, prayer, studying the Bible and created series of lesson I taught in my small group of women and we all are growing. We enjoy greatly discovering what the Bible has to say about everything in life. And that was free except for the coffee, and cookies. GOD BLESS.

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