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CFTROU 0010: A Simple Way to Share the Gospel

Our simple gospel sharing tool is called the 3 Circles. It was created out of the need to find a way to share the gospel with unchurched and irreligious people. It is a simple, reproducible, visual, and interactive tool. The 3 Circles is a life conversation guide about God’s design, brokenness, and the gospel. We can bring our own personal story as well as the biblical meta narrative of scripture to show people how they can recover and pursue God’s design.

Key Points:

  • The 3 Circles emerged through prayer and was immediately relatable to people in broken life situations.
  • The concepts of God’s design, brokenness, and recovering God’s design relate to all kinds of people.
  • Find out how the 3 Circles can be adapted and modified to different contexts all over the world
  • Hear the stories of people worldwide using the 3 Circles to share the gospel with others.
  • Anyone can learn and immediately share the 3 Circles.
  • The 3 Circles is an open source tool.
  • Learn how churches are maximizing the 3 Circles as a gospel sharing tool.
  • This is a simple, reproducible, visual, and interactive tool.
  • When people share a problem, issue, or concern, we can transition the conversation to the gospel.
  • This is another free tool that churches can use to accomplish Jesus’ mission.
  • Discover practical steps your church can take to train and equip people to share the gospel.

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