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CFTROU 0022: Leadership Pipeline: Kids

Today marks the beginning of our second season here at the Church for the Rest of Us podcast. In our first season, we gave a broad overview of our strategies and principles. In this season, we plan to drill down in some areas where our listeners have asked to learn more about how we do what we do. For example, Episode 11 was titled “My Church Needs More Leaders” and today we start a four-part series unpacking our leadership pipeline. Since we start them
young, we are talking today with our Family Church Kids Ministry Pastor, George Estornell. George gives leadership to our Kids Team across all of our campuses. You will learn how we engage parents in the journey alongside their kids, all the way from parent/child dedication to becoming a new believer to joining our Young Leader Program.

Key Points:

  • Why we start our leadership pipeline with our kids.
  • Our philosophy of partnering with parents to help kids pursue God’s design for their lives.
  • Creating opportunities to engage in spiritual conversation at home.
  • An overview of the Parent/Child Dedication class.
  • How we run a Kids New Believers class.
  • The impact Kids Camp has on our kids ministry overall.
  • Teaching kids to engage in gospel conversations using the 3 Circles.
  • How we incorporate kids into our leadership pipeline.
  • Why the culture of believing in the ability of kids to lead is vital.

We believe that from a young age kids can follow Jesus, serve Jesus, and share Jesus. Click To TweetAt Family Church, our leadership pipeline literally starts with fifth graders. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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