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CFTROU 0028: Seed Church Concept

Today we’re joined by Robby Christmas. Robby is a National Church Planting catalyst with the North American Mission Board and focuses on bi-vocational church planting. He is stationed at Family Church where he is a key part of our strategy for affordable and sustainable church planting and works with our Family Church residency program. In this episode, we find out more about the seed church concept. We’ll talk about how we plant seed churches and the innovative tools used to train seed church planters. Once a seed church is off the ground, managing a team of planters in order to ensure consistent momentum can be tricky! Robby shares some of the useful strategies he uses to manage and support seed church planters through instilling a culture of accountability and regular meetings. He also shares some advice for small churches who would like to begin planting their own seed churches and gives them some key pointers on
how they can get there.

Key Points:

  • What is a seed church and what is the mission?
  • Finding a passionate person to plant a church.
  • How do seed churches share the gospel and grow?
  • The tools being used to train seed planters.
  • Setting the benchmarks for seed church planters to hit.
  • Holding seed church planters accountable to their tasks.
  • Advice for small churches who want to start planting seed churches.

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