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CFTROU 0030: Multisite Tensions

This in the second of a three-part conversation with multisite expert Kadi Cole. Today, we are addressing some of the tensions that have to be managed when a church decides to expand from one campus to two campuses, or from eight to eleven! Whatever the number, tensions are almost inevitable because as we all know that growth brings new opportunities, but it also brings new problems. In this episode, Kadi shares the challenges of going multisite, provides helpful advice on what to standardize and what to customize, and how to set the right tone for a new church and its members.

Key Points:

  • The tensions inherent in managing different sized campuses.
  • Applying the Sticky Teams concept to multisite churches.
  • Creating system for each campus to maximize their impact.
  • Creating more inviting worship venues.
  • Why standardizing often does not meet the needs of every church.
  • What to standardize and what to customize.
  • Thinking more like a grandparent than a parent when leading multisite churches.
  • How to standardize live preaching.
  • Collaborating on sermons and contextualizing for content.
  • The importance of leveraging language and celebrating stories.
  • Unique role of the Campus Pastor.

The challenge of multisite is that you are playing more than one sport at a time. Click To TweetThink about what you choose to standardize to make sure it works at each level. Click To TweetYou can’t replicate what you can’t articulate. Click To TweetWe don’t have multisite church figured out, but we’re learning a lot and managing a lot of tensions. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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