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CFTROU 0036: Move Beyond Diversity to Inclusivity

Today’s episode features a frank conversation between Pastor Jimmy Scroggins and Pastor Eric Kelly on moving past diversity to inclusivity in our churches. It may help to know that Pastor Jimmy is white, and Pastor Eric is black. Their friendship and some hard conversations about race have helped both men be better husbands, fathers, followers of Jesus, and pastors. In this episode, they discuss moving past diversity toward inclusivity in the church. Eric outlines the distinction between diversity and inclusivity and unpacks the problematic term “minority.” He also tackles the topic of tokenism. Together they explore ways that pastors can create more diversity in order to ultimately create a climate of true inclusivity. This is a gospel issue that can be effectively addressed by building relationships, practicing intentional empathy, and having frank conversations with people who are different from us.

Key Points:

  • Why conversations about race can help to make us better Christians.
  • Understand the difference between diversity and inclusivity.
  • Why we have to become diverse before we can become inclusive.
  • The implications of the word “minority.”
  • How to begin speaking to the interests of diverse communities.
  • Avoiding tokenism to foster genuine diversity and inclusivity in the church.
  • The work of the leader to create a comfortable environment for all demographics.
  • Discover why inequity is a gospel issue.
  • Four keys to help pastors move from diversity to inclusivity.

Diversity is getting different people in the same place, but they are still different. Inclusivity says we are different in the same place, but we become the same. It means decisions are being made with the same influence of all the… Click To TweetInclusivity does follow diversity. Click To TweetAll of us need to practice intentional empathy – not sympathy – if we are going to build relationships with people who are different from us. Why don’t we try to see race issues from someone else’s perspective? Click To Tweet

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