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CFTROU 0041: Creating A Healthy Church Culture

We’re back with our third season to unpack one of our most popular topics – creating a healthy church culture. Join us for a conversation with Family Church Lead Pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, and Family Church Communications Director, Leslee Bennett. As we looked at our numbers from our first two seasons we realized that one of our most impactful topics we addressed was that of church culture and how culture trumps programs every single time. This was reinforced by the feedback we got from our Sharper! 2018 conference. The pastors and ministry leaders who attended loved the information, but it was our culture that stood out to them above all. We are going to try to define what it is that makes our church culture healthy. This episode defines what we mean by having a healthy church culture, why it is important for leaders to mediate culture over time, and how to make sure that it is implemented at the heart of the congregation as well.

Key Points:

  • Defining culture: vision, mission, core values, behaviors, standards, and measurable.
  • Principles that are crucial for pastors to understand about church culture.
  • Why it is critical for leaders to meditate culture over time.
  • Understanding that culture is dynamic, not static.
  • Discussing why good programs cannot make up for bad culture.
  • Recognizing that church culture is driven from the pulpit.
  • The importance of driving culture all the way through the organization.
  • Understanding that you always get more of what you honor.
  • Why you need to attach stories to principles to drive them home.

Good culture will beat bad programs every single time, and bad culture will destroy good programs every single time. Culture will eat programs for breakfast. Click To TweetCulture is always mediated through leadership over time. Click To TweetCulture is dynamic, it is not static. Some things are going to stay the same, but some things are going to change. Click To TweetYou can’t program culture, and good programs will not make up for bad culture. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Sharper! 2019 Conference

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