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CFTROU 0044: Embracing a Forward-Looking Church Culture

It’s no secret that most churches find it difficult to let go of the past. It is hard to change your church’s culture and it takes time – more time than many leaders are willing to invest. There are few factors more damaging to church growth than holding onto old culture. The churches of the past are top down, male dominated, competitive, overtly Republican and very proprietary. Forward-looking churches need to embrace the principle evident in today’s “sharing economy.” Inside this episode we dive into what the vision for building a community looks like moving forward, the types of characteristics that will describe the church of the future, and how to implement them in your church culture.

Key Points:

  • Why churches are being tied down by old organizational charts and hierarchies.
  • The church of the future will be guided by a new generation’s ideas of community.
  • Understanding today’s “sharing economy” and how the church needs to embrace it.
  • Forward-looking church culture embraces these characteristics: hospitality, generosity, cross-functionality, inclusivity and collaboration.
  • Using food and drink to create a hospitable culture – a snack culture.
  • The importance of practicing generosity and keeping our materials open source.
  • Learning to use cross-functionality to promote inclusivity in your organization.
  • Appointing team leaders on certain projects to promote cross-functionality.
  • Cross-functionality leads to inclusivity.
  • How to elevate women in church leadership and allow them to operate in their gifts.
  • Developing, maintaining and advancing a culture of collaboration.

The church of the future, as I see it, is going to be guided by a new generation’s idea of what it means to build community together. Click To TweetChurch leaders who want to develop a healthy culture for the future that energizes and attracts young people who are used to the sharing economy need to carry those ideas and values into the church. Click To TweetJesus actual favors this inclusive, collaborative, generous, hospitality-oriented and cross-functional church. Click To TweetWe are trying to develop, maintain and advance a culture of collaboration – this is the sharing economy coming to church. Click To Tweet

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