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CFTROU 0046: What Makes a Good Coach

This is part two of our two-part series with Coach Chris Hobbs, Director of Athletics at The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach. In part one we talked about being coaches, not bosses and now we want to define what that requires. We explore the qualities that make good coach, the importance of preparing your leaders to respond positively to negative situations, and why it is critical to consistently pursue your objective, even in times of struggle.

Key Points:

  • Good coaches plan meticulously and respond with positivity.
  • Concept of 1 to 1 planning – one minute of planning for one minute of practice.
  • Chasing the objective by clearly stating it everywhere and repeating it often.
  • The impact of passionate repetition and over-communication.
  • Importance of scheduling time to recharge yourself as a leader.
  • Consistent pursuit of the objective even when things get difficult.
  • Learning to stay committed to the purpose, not the scoreboard.

If you’re going to get people together and ask them to invest some of their life in what you’re doing, you need to have a plan. Click To TweetIf you’re not the lead nut in the nuthouse — as the leader, as the pastor, whatever it might be —it will come unraveled on you faster than you can put it back together. Click To TweetRepetition teaches people what you really value. Click To TweetStruggle is a powerful platform to validate our message. Click To Tweet

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