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CFTROU 0047: Coaching Network Services

Today we are going to continue our conversation around coaching with Scott Crawford, Family Church Business Administrator/CFO and Network Resources team leader. We’ve talked about the qualities that make a good coach and now we will unpack the nuts and bolts of how coaching plays out at Family Church each and every week. We have implemented a structure that utilizes player/coaches to help elevate our game and accomplish our mission.

Key Points:

  • Leading with a culture of collaboration.
  • Operating in circles, not lines.
  • Utilizing player/coaches to run meetings and coach teams.
  • How network resources (central services) can serve those who are on the frontlines of ministry.
  • Pulling together a team of experts to help you survive in the ever-changing church landscape.
  • Embracing feedback, identifying your blind spots and helping each other get better.
  • Learning to interact better within your teams to serve your church better.
  • Cross functional challenges.
  • How to address both internal and external obstacles in the right way.

Sometimes coaching can be as simple as providing some candid feedback to one of the people on your team. Click To TweetNo one and I mean no one can see their own blind spots. We need each other to get better. Click To TweetCoaching, submitting to coaching and creating a collaborative environment can all be done regardless of your church’s size, scope or budget. Click To TweetYour church’s needs are always going to be outpaced by your financial resources. We have to start where we are and do what we can. Click To Tweet

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