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CFTROU 0051: Live Preaching Transmits Culture

If you’re a multisite church or you’re thinking about becoming a multisite church, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether to have live preaching or create video venues. At Family Church, we have chosen to have live preaching at all of our churches. Our guest today is Pastor Bernie Cueto. Bernie is a Teaching Pastor at Family Church Gardens and the Campus Pastor at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He helps give leadership to our preaching team. We are going to dive into the budgetary benefits of live preaching, why it works well with bivocational pastors, and the importance of having a strong, collaborative lead pastor to encourage and shape teaching pastors.

Key Points:

  • Budgetary benefits of live preaching.
  • The practical benefits of live preaching using bivocational pastors.
  • Challenges and strategies of collaborating on preaching messages.
  • The benefits of having a preaching team.
  • Understanding the powerful impact of a neighborhood pastor.
  • Preaching to lead – helping people think differently, feel differently and behave differently.
  • Coaching people rather than simply teaching them.
  • Effectively building a bivocational pastoral team.

Live preaching is a more affordable way to do multisite church because doing a video venue the right way is very expensive. Click To TweetThe neighborhood church and the neighborhood pastor speaking the neighborhood language is so important because we want the neighborhood to know that the pastor is there to intervene when life happens. Click To TweetPreaching isn’t just information delivery – it’s group dynamics, it’s shepherding, it’s leadership and it’s all part of developing culture and keeping everyone moving in the same direction. Click To Tweet

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