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CFTROU 0053: Aligning Kids Messaging with the Big Room

Today we talk about how we preach and teach the same content to our kids as we do to our adults. We’re joined by Pastor George Estornell who gives leadership to all of the kids ministry leaders across our campuses. We will unpack exactly how we keep our kids aligned with what their parents or guardians are learning. We also take a look at how volunteers are key to running successful kids worship venues, the importance of aligning kids worship with the church’s mission/vision, and how we partner with parents to lead their children at home.

Key Points:

  • Aligning our preaching and teaching in kids worship with the “big room.”
  • How the kids worship differs from the adult worship.
  • Incorporating creativity and fun into the kids preaching/teaching.
  • Implementing core elements into kids worship that are also present in the big room.
  • Translating teaching points from leadership meetings into kids worship service.
  • Helping kids transition from kids ministry to student ministry.
  • Making kids worship a success without a major budget.
  • Importance of having a team of volunteers who buy into the vision.
  • Using our core values to align kids worship with the vision/mission of our church.
  • Family time cards: strategy for equipping parents to lead their children.
  • Align pastors, build a team, have a unique venue, and network with other pastors.

We want the kids to learn to know that they can worship God though the music, through the teaching of the Word, and through the giving. Click To TweetA church of any size can create an excellent kids worship experience using key volunteers. Click To TweetA great kids ministry will help you build your church. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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