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CFTROU 0054: Developing Female Leaders, Part 1

You don’t want to miss today’s episode with Leadership Consultant and Coach, Kadi Cole. This is the first of a two-part conversation on developing and raising up women leaders in our churches. This is a topic that we’ve been tackling here at Family Church and one on which Kadi is an expert, both as a woman leader and as a newly published author. She is the author of the book, Developing Female Leaders, which releases this spring. In the book, Kadi gives eight practical steps that pastors and ministry leaders can take to fill the leadership gap often exists for women in ministry. So stay tuned as we discuss how to navigate the minefields and release the potential of women in our churches.

Key Points:

  • Why Kadi decided to write her book, Developing Female Leaders.
  • Understanding the gap between what women leaders want and what male leaders want for them.
  • Why it’s important for church leaders to tackle the subject of releasing the potential of women.
  • Making sure our views are firmly rooted in our theology, not our cultural bias.
  • Learning to challenge our own biases when it comes to women in church leadership.
  • Making space for women in church leadership.
  • Including women and their perspectives in high levels of church leadership.
  • How men and women have equal gifts and callings.

Regardless of where you are on the theological spectrum, I think we all know that churches need more leaders. We needed trusted, mature people so how can we empower women to fill those roles. Click To TweetWe have developed 8 best practices that churches can implement to help women grow in leadership and contribute their gifts back into the local church setting. Click To TweetKadi Cole’s book is written in a way that gives practical steps to any church in any context and of any size and theological stance. Pastors can learn a lot from this book. Click To TweetIncluding women on our leadership teams gives us a better perspective, puts more horsepower to the task, and unleashes more people to do the work. Click To Tweet

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