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CFTROU 0058: Young Leader Engagement with Jonathan Akin

Join us for an interview with Jonathan Akin, Director of Young Leader Engagement at the North American Mission Board (NAMB). In today’s episode we are talking about Jon’s work with youth leaders and how to grow the church in the contemporary climate. In some cases, this means the evolution of practices while maintaining our sure footing on traditional theological basis. In our conversation, we cover Jon’s history and work leading up to this point. We also get into his philosophy about younger leaders, their importance, and how churches can develop them.

Key Points:

  • Introduction to Jonathan Akin.
  • Why it can be difficult to engage younger leaders.
  • Evolving with a strong and sound theological message.
  • Understanding the diverse network of Southern Baptists churches.
  • Changes that have occurred in society and the church over the last few decades.
  • Opportunities that are available to churches of all strategies.
  • Current strategies that NAMB is implementing to engage young leaders.
  • Creating mentorship opportunities and a resource base for young leaders.
  • How these tactics reach beyond youth programs.

Research has shown us that over the last 25 years the percentage of pastors under age 40 has fallen from 33% to 15% …the church is facing a massive leadership shortage and we are looking to address that shortage. Click To TweetWe provide coaching, resourcing and mentorship to young leaders so they can continue to develop as leaders and shepherds. Click To TweetWhy should a younger pastor who is theologically aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention choose to be a part of our tribe? Check out the answer in today’s podcast with @Jonathanakin. Click To Tweet@NAMB_SBC is meeting needs on a scope and a scale bigger than anybody else in the world and doing it in a way that’s theologically aligned. To me, the Southern Baptist Convention represents the greatest opportunity for partnership,… Click To Tweet

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