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CFTROU 0063: Encouraging & Empowering Pastors’ Wives

We are continuing our series of interviews with people who are experts in areas that are crucial to helping churches of any size. On today’s episode we are going to dive into the topic of encouraging and empowering our pastors’ wives. Today’s guest is Kathy Litton who currently serves as the Director of Planter Spouse Development at the North American Mission Board. Kathy shares her unique story and how God has written a new story in her life. Together we talk about why women are indispensable in advancing the God’s kingdom, how to equip pastors’ wives to step into the places God calls them and why it is such a vital piece of the larger puzzle. Join us for this encouraging and empowering conversation!

Key Points:

  • Kathy’s incredible story, her family and unique life experiences.
  • What Kathy enjoys about being a pastor’s wife and some of the life lessons she’s learned.
  • Advice to younger women in the ministry.
  • The importance of finding your focus.
  • Why women are indispensable to the gospel ministry.
  • Distinguishing factors between a planter’s wife and a pastor’s wife.
  • How the North American Mission Board equips and supports women.
  • Advice to pastors on caring for and empowering their wives and staff wives.
  • First steps that pastors who want to do better in this area can take.

When Jesus gave the great commission, there were women in that audience. We have been tasked with the same job as men to spread the news of the gospel. Click To TweetThe gospel we experience is the one that we offer other people. Click To TweetThere is no way that God would want the Kingdom of God to be advanced with 50% of the population sitting on the sidelines. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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