CFTROU 0007: The 1% Rule for Reaching Your Community

//CFTROU 0007: The 1% Rule for Reaching Your Community
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CFTROU 0007: The 1% Rule for Reaching Your Community

Today we explain what we mean by the 1% rule of reaching your community. It means gaining perspective on your mission fields where God has placed us and owning the lostness that’s all around us. We need to develop strategies that equip the “joes” and don’t leave reaching people with the gospel of Christ to the “pros.” We will never move the needle on lostness until we get serious about training and reps.

Key Points:

  • Define what it means to move the needle 1% in your community.
  • Do the math to identify what your church is spending to make each new disciple.
  • Hear how church growth is possible without massive budgets.
  • Understand the biblical pattern for church growth and multiplication.
  • Learn why you need to train everyday people to have everyday gospel conversations
  • Understand what it means to keep vision alive in front of your people and to preach to lead.
  • Movement starts with focused prayer and other biblical, simple, and reproducible tools.
  • Discover the difference between telling/teaching and training.

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  1. Patty Torres October 3, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Jimmy and Steve,
    Your episode on “1% rule for reaching your community” has encouraged me!!
    Right now as we are starting FCB, two key points you mentioned are a reminder of what we need to continue to do as we launch the church. I agree 100% that prayer is key to this ministry. We have to continue to pray for God to bring people in our lives to lead them to Christ. The church in the book of Acts prayed and God did awesome things, like saving more than 3000 people in a few days!! How I would like to see God moving that way here in Boca!!! The other key point that stuck to me is how we want to see true converts and not just people who are attracted to programs at church. We don’t need to rely on worldly tactics to see an increment in numbers. What truly is needed is the Word of God preached. This key point is so important for us to remember as we go forward into launching FCB. I thank God for your leadership, and I thank Him for the vision He has given you. I thank Him because you help us to keep alive in our minds and hearts our # one ministry, which is to bring the gospel to others and make disciples. Thank you!!!

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