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CFTROU 0072: Community Partnerships: Life Affirming Health Clinics

There are a lot of churches that have auxiliary ministries to address community needs. On today’s podcast we’ll talk about a shift in philosophy that allows churches to love our neighbors while maintaining focus on our mission to make disciples for Jesus. Our guest today is Beau Heyman, the Executive Director of First Care Women’s Clinics – a non-profit organization that provides education, counseling and women’s medical services to empower individuals to make life-affirming decisions. Beau discusses the current state of the pro-life and pro-choice movements in the country and how First Care is helping women in crisis pregnancy situations. Their first priority is loving people, regardless of what they choose, and he explains the different ways in which they empower women to overcome the crisis. We also talk about ways that churches of any size can partner with organizations like First Care to make a difference in our communities.

Key Points:

  • How churches can partner with existing organizations to love our neighbors.
  • What First Care is about, who they serve and how they meet the needs of women in crisis.
  • The state of the pro-life and pro-choice movements in America today.
  • Empowering women to make life affirming choices when faced with a crisis pregnancy.
  • How organizations like First Care are effectively reaching women in crisis pregnancies.
  • How churches interact with First Care and how they support and encourage the organization.
  • The need for women to know that God will and does forgive them for having an abortion.
  • A call for churches to show their support on a practical level and how to get started.
  • The importance of being educated on the intellectual side of the pro-life movement.

Partnering with like-minded community organizations allows us to be more effective at the main things that we do as a church – making disciples and building families – and encourages our people to do a better job being salt and… Click To TweetWe have a mantra: the crisis is temporary. So our goal in a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate the crisis, not the child. Click To TweetWhen a woman comes in in crisis, we don’t want to twist her arm to choose life, we don’t want to threaten her or coerce her or guilt her – we want to empower her. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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