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CFTROU 0074: Partnering with Area Churches

Join us today as we talk about forming meaningful partnerships like-minded churches. We can do so much more together than any of us can do on our own! Joining us today are our friends Todd and Julie Mullins from Christ Fellowship Church. They are the senior pastors of a large multisite church that gathers at locations throughout South Florida, with more than 28,000 in attendance each week. But it’s not the numbers that count. They are passionate to see the gospel spread throughout our entire region and to collaborate with other churches so we can accomplish this together. Their church is well-known for their incredible generosity and they share with us how they have practically taught and demonstrated these values to their staff, volunteers and all who attend their church.

Key Points:

  • How Christ Fellowship started and grew to where it is today.
  • How they foster a culture of generosity and encouragement in their church.
  • Taking hands with other churches to reach as many people as possible in their region.
  • Instilling the value of living to give and being outward focused.
  • Their vision for Church United and why it is such an important priority for them.
  • The number that really drives them to persevere and remain faithful in sharing the gospel.
  • How larger churches can reach out to and strengthen churches around them.
  • How smaller churches can come together with larger churches and pursue unity.
  • Never underestimating the power of an anointed word of encouragement.

One of our mantras is that we were to be faithful in small things and if we could be trusted with a little, that God could trust us with much. Click To TweetWe value every role in the church and what everybody’s doing to build church, so no matter where you are, no matter what role you play, you are a vital part of carrying the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Christ Fellowship Church

Church United

Eddy Copeland’s Email Address: ecopeland@ncfgiving.com

Todd Mullins on Twitter

Julie Mullins on Instagram

Jimmy on Twitter

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