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CFTROU 0074A: Coaches, Not Bosses

Thanks for joining us. Today we are featuring a throwback to one of our most popular episodes with our special guest, Coach Chris Hobbs. Coach Hobbs is the Director of Athletics at The King’s Academy here in West Palm Beach. We are going to get tips from Coach Hobbs on what it looks like to embrace a coaching leadership style as a part of our church culture. We want to relate as coaches more than bosses. We like to coach. We believe in the power of coaching. We are going to unpack how coaching can help us be more effective church leaders.

Key Points:

  • Tips for creating culture from a real-life coach. 
  • Who is eligible to be coached. 
  • The definition of coach: an individual that receives permission to hold a person or persons accountable to move toward a mutually agreed upon objective that benefits all involved. 
  • Using the definition of coach as you lead and coach in your organization. 
  • Understanding the “recipe” for an ideal coaching environment. 
  • The importance of making an investment of time and energy in the person or the group. 
  • The authentic pursuit of winning according to the scoreboard. 
  • Celebrating what you want repeated in your culture. 
  • Evaluating successful coaching practices – S.T.E.E.P. – selflessness, teamwork, effort, energy and preparation. 
  • Learning to use body language and positive touch – fist bump, high five, slap on the back, etc. 

A coach is an individual who receives permission to hold a person or persons accountable to move toward a mutually agreed upon objective that benefits all involved. Click To TweetNot every single person you’ll lead can be coached by you. Click To TweetPastors and leaders should see themselves more like a coach and less like a classroom teacher. The preaching and teaching event are vital, but coaching is how you move people forward toward a common objective. Click To TweetCulture can be built even in the difficult times. Culture can sustain you through difficult times. Culture can propel you forward into better times. This idea of coaching, evaluating, building culture, positive touch and positive… Click To Tweet

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