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CFTROU 0083: The Business on Church Business: Hire the Best People You Can Afford

Our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, talks about the important of hiring employees. The crux of the matter is – hire the best people you can afford. Rather than cutting corners on employee salaries, it is worthwhile to invest in the right people for the positions you are actively recruiting for. Doing this will end up costing you less in the long run. The consequences of not investing wisely leads to a higher turnover rate and incurring additional costs in the recruitment process. Employee retention is not only about the money. Your vision and mission must be compelling. A happy and healthy organizational culture plays a significant role in employee retention.

Key Points:

  • The different models and approaches churches use throughout the recruitment process.
  • Consider the message a paycheck sends to employees.
  • Different strategies for finding and hiring the best people.
  • Why members of your church often make the best hires.
  • How the job description and compensation philosophy help to determine the salary range.
  • The tangible and intangible cost that a church incurs when they lose a good leader.
  • Consider other ways you can support and care for your staff.
  • Combine a compelling vision and mission with a caring environment.

Good leadership comes at a premium. The higher up you go in leadership, the more often that is true. Click To TweetIt is much cheaper to spend a little money and retain an employee, than it is to find a new one. Click To Tweet

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