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CFTROU 0085: The Business on Church Business: Creating Feedback and Accountability Loops for Your Team

Our goal is to equip church leaders with information and practical tools that apply to a church in any context. Creating accountability and giving feedback are extremely valuable in raising new leaders and cultivating relationships. Our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, starts the conversation on making how important it is to make establishing practical guidelines a regular practice. These help you stay in step with your team members, along with engaging in conversations where both parties participate. We also talk about what accountability means and how it impacts church culture. We share helpful tips on how to best support team members and explain the one-to-one planning principle. Having clearly defined expectations, along with the timing and duration of a meeting, are key factors in having a successful two-way exchange.

Key Points:

  • Why it’s important to have a process in place for feedback and accountability.
  • The benefits of greater intentionality when it comes to prioritizing important conversations.
  • Why feedback is far more than just praise or criticism.
  • Understanding the reason why a conversation needs to happen.
  • How engagement that is both mutually beneficial and reciprocal enhances church culture.
  • What fluid and regular feedback reveal about church culture.
  • How leaders can support their team members.
  • The value of keeping short accounts and conversations.
  • Why people perform better when expectations are clearly defined.
  • How sending a clarifying email following a discussion can be one of the best tools in your toolbox.

Effective feedback needs to be intentional. Know why you are having the meeting. What matters more is that there is a reason, more than what the reason actually is. Click To TweetAll of us ought to be leaning into accountability instead of pushing it away. Click To Tweet

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