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CFTROU 0086: The Business on Church Business: Lots of One-on-One Meetings

Some people may not think having lots of one-on-one meetings is a good thing. At a Family Church, we place high value on these opportunities to connect. At a church like ours, we believe in congregational church polity. Although we are pastor-led with committees that advise, the decision-making authority rests in the hands of the congregation. However, we are a multisite church with a growing congregation. Because of this, our congregation delegates much of that authority back to our pastors and staff. There are times when significant changes are proposed and it’s important to meet with key influencers in our congregation, as a pulse check. These one-on-one meetings are also essential for talking through the what the proposed changes will look like and gives them an opportunity to buy-in. Tune in!

Key Points:

  • What we mean by having lots of one-on-one meetings.
  • Break down on our meeting into three categories: the pre-meeting, the actual meetingand the follow up meeting.
  • What we mean when we say it’s time to “spill the Cracker Barrel syrup.”
  • Identifying key groups in your congregation: influencers, troublemakers, grandstanders, opponents, and supporters.
  • What’s the one thing you should never do in the actual meeting.
  • The purpose of follow up meetings and who to have them with.

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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