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CFTROU 0123: Regathering During COVID-19: Performance Reviews

On this episode, we are discussing annual performance reviews. It’s that time of year and these year-end reviews are a big part of our culture here at Family Church. We set goals, we have measurables, we evaluate multiple times a year, and the year-end reviews give us a great opportunity to continue the conversation to develop our people. The question is, what are we supposed to do with year-end reviews in the middle of a pandemic? Joining us today we have our CFO, Scott Crawford and Pastor Keith Albert. Pastor Keith serves at our Village campus as well as our human resource department. Join the conversation as we game plan our year-end performance reviews and discussions in a COVID-19 world.
Here are resources we’d like to share with you. You’ll find a template of our 2020 Performance Review that you can download here. We also included an example of our 2019 Performance Review here.

Key Points:

  • Pastor Keith talks about his role and how it has changed as a result of COVID-19
  • Tools we’ve made use of in this season.
  • What a typical year-end review looked like, prior to COVID-19.
  • How we’ve restructured communication and feedback as a result of COVID-19.
  • The goal with is to encourage and not to ambush.
  • Resources available when reviewing the performance of both staff and volunteers.
  • The importance of intentional conversations throughout the year. Maximizing opportunities to reflect and write down what we learn.
  • The importance of including the right people in constructive feedback conversations.

Year-end reviews should never be a surprise to anyone, good or bad. The things you’re doing well and the areas where you have opportunities for growth and development — you should already know those, as well. Click To TweetIf you come into the year-end evaluation and I ambush you with something that you’ve never even thought about, then I am not doing something right as a supervisor. Click To Tweet

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